Filtering out the truth about cabin air filters

Once again spring is upon us, the time of year for stuffy noses and itchy eyes. All thanks to the “Anemophilous” (Literally wind-loving), plant producing nuisance- pollen. But have no fear my antihistamine consuming friends; your car may be assisting you without your knowledge. With all of the excitement in the news about global warming, poor air quality and pollution, did we ever think to give ourselves a break from this madness? Think about it, our homes are protecting us with filters that keep outside debris where it belongs. Believe it or not so does your car! It’s called a cabin air filter and its purpose is to prevent any debris, whether it is dust, dirt, soot, POLLEN, bugs or…other critters… from entering your vehicle, and more importantly your lungs!! Not only does this filter prevent you from breathing in any part of these pollutants, it also helps to protect the HVAC system (heater and A/C) from operational damage from debris. Furthermore, any moisture from the buildup of debris mixed with the warm air of the engine is a recipe for mold and you could be breathing that in!

Eighty percent of cars on the road today come with cabin air filters, and they aren’t components we would normally think about until we learn of their existence. You wouldn’t believe some of the “debris” we have seen since their introduction into the industry. Over the past six months, we have collected numerous photographs of cabin air filters from actual customer’s vehicles. Now, we know you’re wondering what we found, so check them out!! After looking at them you’ll probably be searching for the recommended intervals for replacement in your owner’s manual or doing some research on the internet for a replacement interval. Well, you might find some rather confusing information such as a mileage interval from your vehicle’s manufacturer or a “replace every six months” recommendation from a part’s manufacturer, service 2 (Honda), inspection II (BMW), AHHHH!!!!!!…… SO WHO DO WE LISTEN TO? How about we make it simple, let’s let the filter decide its fate. By performing a visual inspection of the filter, we are better able to determine whether or not replacement is necessary. This is why we include this inspection in our 30 point courtesy check* that is performed every time you visit. So breathe easy people!! Our team at Bradham Automotive has you and your vehicle’s best interest at heart.

* Cabin air filter inspection on some vehicle may require additional labor charge.

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